About Us

Hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs.

If you heard only with your ears, then any "expert" might do… however, the truth is, it’s your brain that processes what you hear. Because of that, we take the time to learn about you... your health history and your family history are imperative in recognizing the possible cause and type of hearing loss you may have. Your relationships, your work, your interests and your lifestyle all play important roles in selecting the right solution for your unique circumstances and then programming the hearing devices for maximum clarity of speech and comfort of sound, regardless of your environment. Each of us is as unique as our fingerprints AND hearing solutions should be as well.

Doctors Turbeville and Rippy are knowledgeable about not only the ear, hearing, and aural rehabilitation, but neuro-anatomy and physiology of the brain and vestibular systems also. We have advanced Doctor of Audiology degrees from leading Universities (Vanderbilt and Univ. of Florida, respectively) to insure that we are the best that we can be and that you receive unparalleled care. In addition, we participate annually in continuing education training to stay abreast in the latest hearing aid advances and rehabilitative measures. Did you know that many facilities require only minimal education and a few months of on-the-job training to test, diagnose, prescribe, fit, counsel and verify your hearing aids? You should be aware of the difference; why settle for less when your hearing deserves the best that science and technology have to offer! 

"LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS" ...AAC is dedicated to providing individualized treatment programs and care for those with hearing loss in order that they might enjoy the full range of life experiences which others enjoy.

When your hearing deserves the best, the right hearcare professionals make a difference!