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Untreated hearing loss is a real problem with real consequences like increased anxiety, reduced earning potential, social withdrawal and more. Our interactive tools below are a good first step towards identifying if you have a hearing loss, and getting the treatment needed to help.

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Did you know that we hear with our brains? Our ears function like antennas that pick up sound waves and transmit the information via neural pathways to an area in the brain called Wernicke’s area. If this portion of the brain is deprived of sound, over time it can atrophy. As a result of long-term hearing loss, even when the sound is loud enough, it may become distorted due to auditory deprivation. This is termed, "presbycusis", which is simply an inability to comprehend speech. This gives rise to that old adage, "I can hear, but not understand," a common complaint in today's busy world.  In addition to decreases in understanding ability or speech clarity, our tolerance for loud sounds diminishes over time as well. Sounds that normally should be comfortably loud, become almost unbearable. The medical term for this problem is "recruitment", and means an abnormal growth in loudness function; one of the primary reasons for failure with hearing devices.  Stay ahead of these intimidating factors; don’t deprive your brain of sound and stimulation; begin the journey toward better hearing today! You'll be glad you did!