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Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.


Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

We have helped thousands of people in Metropolitan Little Rock and and across Arkansas hear better. We are dedicated to continue improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Dear Joe,

My need ... formidable! My hearing loss moderate to profound. However, as I pen this note, I'm walking on cloud nine. How might we express your role in this incredible day? YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE...


5-STAR ACCOMPLISHMENT... YOU PLAYED SUCH A HUGE ROLE IN THIS ADVENTURE!!!  Nancy and I are convinced we've been blessed beyond measure and it's an understatement expressing the pivotal role you have provided... we now go on record expressing our most sincere thanks to you. Your expertise and kindness have provided an immeasurable blessing. Thank you!

Most Sincerely,

Jerry and Nancy R. - Little Rock, AR

“Thank you for the gift of hearing. “Huh” is no longer a word in my vocabulary. The pleasure of listening and conversing has been restored.” EW, North Little Rock AR


“Many thanks for helping me settling in with my new ears. You really made this transition in my life so easy and relaxing”. CJ, Little Rock AR

“You are both professional and warm hearted; a combination seen in too few doctors today.” JW, Little Rock AR

"I had the experience of two hearing aid specialists, and a leading audiologist in Little Rock. I spent thousands of dollars and years of frustration and came away with frustration to broken promises and disappointment in my ability to understand language from my fellow beings. Dr. Jim Rippy, helped me achieve the understanding spoken English, but honored every promise of services and equipment we discussed. Dr. Rippy took me from isolation in public to a participant in public. For me a miracle." JM, Jackson, TN

“As someone with a unique hearing deficit, I had given up hope of that ever changing until I met Dr. Jim Rippy with the Affiliated Audiology Center.  He took the time to analyze my hearing tests, to replicate environments where my hearing was worse, and to recommend the hearing device that was right for me.  Today, I’m hearing sounds that eluded me for years – moments of conversation with my children, the chirps and crackles of nature, words from my favorite songs. The difference is amazing and is completely attributable to Dr. Rippy and his impressive team of professionals.” CH, Starkville MS

"I am a 76 year old turkey hunter. For years I was good at it, until I could not longer hear or course gobbling. For twenty years I experimented with listening devices, muffs, hearing aids and any and all devices on the market. Dr. Turbeville fixed me up!! I now hear as I did when I was twenty years old; a digital set with three listening programs does the job! My program three is for hunting only. These are worth the price if you care to hear everyday sounds or if you want to hear as a hunter must!"
WL, Benton AR